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Stepping Back from Black Friday

The psychological warfare that is Black Friday. It is a time when consumerism is manipulated so intensely that people lose control of themselves, as well as their wallets. This excessive sales day has even evolved into a Black Friday sales week, which doesn’t really make much sense.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should refrain from buying anything on Black Friday/Week, but what I would suggest is that you shop mindfully. Have a plan. Think about what you would like, whether it be for yourself, your home, or loved ones. If you do that, then you’re likely being savvy with your money, but in most cases, people impulse buy. They simply can’t resist a good deal regardless of whether they actually value or need that item. 20% off? 50% off? Well, it’s 100% off is you don’t actually buy it.

You also have to consider the true cost of a sale. One way or another, someone or something has to pay for it. And this isn’t just about the financial aspect of it. The greatest concern, at least to me, is the horrendous environmental impact, but that’s a whole other discussion.

The point is, stepping back from Black Friday will not only keep your balance in the black, it will help you regain control. Maybe spend your money, your time, and your energy on something a little more meaningful. Let’s focus on impressing upon the world our values instead of our possessions. Particularly if those possessions were nothing more than impulse buys.

Carl MH Barenbrug

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I'm Carl MH Barenbrug, a multidisciplinary maker (or Gestalter) currently living in Edinburgh. I run Minimalissimo—an independent magazine and creative studio dedicated to minimalism in design—a passion of mine that extends to a lifestyle.

I’m also the cofounder of a collaborative project in the form of Minimalism Life—a website that promotes simple and intentional living. In addition to this, I also run mnmllist—an online directory for all things minimal.

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