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Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of essential items of clothing that don’t really go out of fashion, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. Although a capsule wardrobe could certainly be defined as minimal in its own right, my wardrobe goes a little beyond that and limits the colour palette to just a few, making it even simpler and stress-free everyday.

My wardrobe is basically broken down like this:

5 x Black Sweatshirts
2 x Dark Grey Sweatshirts
3 x Light Grey Sweatshirts

8 x Black T-shirts
2 x Light Grey T-shirts
2 x White T-shirts
4 x Black Long Sleeve T-shirts

2 x Black Jeans
1 x Dark Grey Jeans
3 x Black Sweatpants

1 x White Shirt

1 x Black Belt

1 x Black Baseball Cap

4 x Black Jackets (seasonal)

3 x Sneakers

1 x Black Boots

1 x Black Formal Shoes

2 x Wristwatches


Underwear, gym wear, and a single navy blue suit.

That is literally it. Barely anything to some, maybe excessive to others, but it’s what works for me and I’m always intentional with what I buy. When a piece of clothing no longer interests me or is too worn, I’ll either donate it or recycle it. Put it this way, if you haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing for a year, all it’s doing is taking up unnecessary space in your wardrobe. Is it really that important to you to keep a hold of it? If the answer is no, you can give it to someone who would appreciate it. Also, if you do feel inspired to streamline your wardrobe, I guarantee it’ll feel liberating—which is why I try to do this a couple of times a year.

Carl MH Barenbrug

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I'm Carl MH Barenbrug, a multidisciplinary maker and creative director currently living in Edinburgh. I run a small independent magazine called Minimalissimo, which is dedicated to minimalism in design—a passion of mine that extends to a lifestyle. I strongly believe that better design is simpler design. From the approach, to the function, to the aesthetic.

I also run a couple of other collaborative side projects called Minimalism Life and Mnmllist, and I'm always open to work on something new.

If you’d like to hire me as a consultant for a particular project or to collaborate on a product design, please get in touch. Services include Creative Direction and Web & UX Design.