Crypto Wallet, Designed

The democratisation of the Internet at the beginning of the twenty-first century came with new habits and practices. This is why the Internet was created: to allow for peer-to-peer exchange of information, without middlemen or any central authority. In other words: it was created to decentralise information.

How do we extend decentralisation to value sharing? In other words, how to create a digital currency that would allow peer-to-peer transactions? The answer came up in 2008 with the birth of Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency. When its creator Satoshi Nakamoto published the white paper called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

While cryptocurrency is like digital money, blockchain is the network on which the money transactions operate. While blockchain is the underlying technology, cryptocurrencies are so far its most common use case. But being into crypto means more than just making money. It is about taking part in a dynamic technological revolution.

I'm totally new to this space, literally only a matter of months into it, but I am excited by the potential utility of crypto. And I'm not talking about ridiculous NFTs. But instead using it to pay for goods, experiences, subscriptions, and donations; things beyond trading and holding. The vision behind cryptocurrency is to give people back freedom and power over their assets.

Anyway, shifting focus to design: something I am not new to. I decided to sketch a hardware/cold wallet. This is a highly secure tool that allows you to interact with the blockchain. Unlike the traditional wallets we use in our everyday lives to carry cards and coins, cryptocurrency wallets don’t really store your coins or tokens. They contain your private keys instead.

So, inspired by Ledger and LOT, I designed a render of the little pocket device that you can carry with you on a keyring or as a necklace. It features a small display screen and two circular buttons to navigate the device. It would be connected via Bluetooth and/or wire connection to your smartphone or computer. Maybe I should refine this and pitch it to Ledger to make a limited Minimalissimo edition. What do you reckon? OK, probably not but it would be cool to see more wallet designs in the future.

Minimal crypto hardware wallet


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