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Minimalissimo Shop V2

The second project of the year has successfully shipped: Minimalissimo Shop Version 2.

I don’t know why I held WordPress in such high regard for so many years—it’s Starbucks of the CMS world. So migrating my sites over to Kirby is a great feeling. The latest of which was the Minimalissimo Shop. It was a fun little project I worked on with Manu Moreale.

We wanted to simplify the design, but most importantly, we wanted to simplify the shopping cart and checkout process. So we decided to build a super-lite backend with Kirby to house the product catalogue, and integrate a Shopify cart and checkout. It was really as simple as that.

I made the design, and Manu coded it. We also experimented with a new typeface called Inter by Rasmus Andersson. It’s a beautiful type design, so I’m seriously considering using this for the next major project, which is a complete overhaul of Minimalissimo.

The only other notable change was a new domain name we bought:

A nice touch I think.

From here, besides trying to market the shop a little more effectively, I want to work with other creators and brands to produce designs that are exclusive to the Minimalissimo Shop. So if you’d like to discuss any ideas, please get in touch.

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I'm Carl MH Barenbrug, a multidisciplinary maker (or Gestalter) and creative director currently living in Edinburgh. I run Minimalissimo—an independent digital and print magazine dedicated to minimalism in design—a passion of mine that extends to a lifestyle.

I’m also the cofounder of a collaborative project in the form of Minimalism Life—a website that promotes simple and intentional living. In addition to this, I also run mnmllist—an online directory for all things minimal.

If you’d like to hire me as a consultant for a particular project or to collaborate on a product design, please get in touch.

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