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Reductive Residence

“The home is what a bear would know as a cave. It's a space to be an animal, really. You can chew your bone in the corner and nobody will bother you. It's a laboratory for living—it's fluid.”

—Michele Oka Doner

Your home is your sanctuary, yet it's not a space that you should ever feel confined. It should never give you a sense of strain or anxiousness—rather, it should be a tranquil space that comforts you and helps you reset. It's a space you control (admittedly to varying degrees depending on your living circumstances). A space you can manipulate, curate, and clear-out.

Reducing what you own simplifies your home. It means having fewer things to clean, maintain, and replace. You may not want an easy life, but you're likely to want to live a simpler life, and the best place to start is where you wake up every day. Allow yourself to let go to regain control.

This was originally published for Minimalism Life.

Carl MH Barenbrug

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I'm Carl MH Barenbrug, a multidisciplinary maker and creative director currently living in Edinburgh. I run a small independent magazine called Minimalissimo, which is dedicated to minimalism in design—a passion of mine that extends to a lifestyle. I strongly believe that better design is simpler design. From the approach, to the function, to the aesthetic.

I also run a couple of other collaborative side projects called Minimalism Life and Mnmllist, and I'm always open to work on something new.

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